Architecture is the very mirror of life.
You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the
presence of the past, the spirit of a place;
they are a reflection on society.

I. M. Pei



We will be launching a book series in 2017 and will present the major museums worldwide. Museum architectures play a special role in society. Only as public magnets do they manage to be the global catalyst of cultural diversity over time.

It is the first international book series devoted to international museum landscapes as a global community. Each year, two volumes are released, presenting the museum landscapes in an international context.

I dedicate “BIG MUSEUMS” to a master of the museum architecture: I. M. Pei.
He celebrates his 100th birthday on 26th April. Congratulations!”

Ines Miersch-Süß, President of MSAO


It is the first book dedicated to the new museum landscapes in Qatar, placing it in an international context.


It is the first book devoted to the three major German museum landscapes of Munich, Dresden and Berlin, which places them in an international context.

In times of the global boom in the field of new museum construction, the book series examines the question of how architecture museums are made successful over the centuries. For this purpose, museum buildings are scrutinised, and the facades of the museum architecture are viewed in the truest sense. Opulent photographs show the tension between interior space and art as an immanent interplay - and illustrate how the staging of a museum architecture can be achieved as an overall piece of art, which itself becomes a classic and can fascinate generation after generation.

The book series is published by HIRMER Verlag.