Shaping the future

Everyone can shape the future.

If you are interested in the future, innovations, international relations, urban development and architecture of the 21st century and would like to get involved with us, you are more than welcome.

Shaping the future can take place in very different ways. We are looking forward to partnerships, endowments or donations, or simply through volunteering. Please email us at gf©, so that we can discuss your project.

Project sponsoring

Each project is created in cooperation with committed partners. Different forms of partnership are available, depending on the task and possibilities. Interested parties are welcome.

Endowments and donations

The future has many facets

The MSAO FUTURE FOUNDATION accepts financial contributions and thus realises an individual foundation. Together with the management of foundations, we form an agreement on the project and its objectives. The foundation should fit into our fields of work.

Future and innovation library

For the future, we are planning to build a future and innovation library through the estates and donations. The aim of this project is to focus on the globally available knowledge on the topics of future and innovation and make it accessible to the public. 


If you would like to help to promote certain projects or even support a meaningful way to the future, we are looking forward to your donation.


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Volunteer employees can assume tasks and responsibilities in the MSAO FUTURE FOUNDATION working groups and projects. Anyone who wants to get involved in the social commitments, is welcome. We look forward to seeing you!