Wir stehen am Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts.
Vor uns liegt die Zukunft, die wir heute gestalten.
Diese Herausforderung treibt uns an.

Ines Miersch-Süß

We are at the beginning of the 21st century.
The future lies ahead, that we are shaping today..
The challenge is what drives us.

Ines Miersch-Süß

Die Stiftung

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Our fields of work

International understanding

“It is the challenge of the 21st century to perceive cultural diversity as the common value of a globalised world.” 
Holger Süß, Engineer

Innovation and future issues

“We live economically and ecologically beyond our means. We must be careful, that the problems do not grow over our heads.“
Günter Faltin, Economist


We do not look back at the  100th anniversary BAUHAUS, we look forward - right into the 21st century, on urban development and architecture 4.0.“