The Library Summit started 2½ years ago.

That was on May 2017, in the middle of the Qatar German Cultural Year in Doha.
Our foundation was just three months old at this time. Construction of the Qatar National Library was almost finished. It now went to sorting the 600,000 books. The start of trial operation was imminent.

Mai 2017 – Preview der Qatar National Library QNL
Mai 2017 – Preview der Qatar National Library QNL

One year before the official opening in 2018, our young foundation together with Prof. Claudia Lux, the project manager for the Qatar National Library of Qatar Foundation, realized one of the first preview visits in this innovative brand new Architecture. "It all starts with friendship in Qatar," was the theme of our invitation, which was attended by engineers and architects, employees of various Qatar Foundation training institutes, among diverse nationalities and Qataris too.

The success was so great that we decided to organize two podium events on "Libraries in the 21st Century" & "Digital Worlds in the Library - How they change our community and architecture.”
Our partners, the Saxon State and University Library and the German National Library, made it possible in January of this year.

Januar 2019 – Podiumsdisussion in der Sächsischen Landes- und Universitätsbiblithek SLUB
Januar 2019 – Podiumsdisussion in der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek Leipzig DNB

Again, the great interest and enthusiasm of the public in bringing together architects and librarians in a discussion on perspectives and approaches to a central theme, affirmed us to go one-step further.

This is how the International Library Summit came into being with projects and guests from 20 nations. We wanted to bring together more of the diversity of international, innovative library buildings, and their makers of architecture and library management in a discussion about the library and its architecture in the 21st century.

Oktober 2019 – Library Summit im 150. Jubiläumsjahr der Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Oktober 2019 – Library Summit in Venedig - HQs der Biennale Organisation

We host this first International Library Summit in the 150th anniversary year of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice.

In addition to the topics of art, architecture, dance, film and theater promoted by the Biennale of Venice, we also bring with the International Library Summit the medium of knowledge to Venice.