Prof. Dr. Claudia Lux stellt 6 Fragen an
Oliver Jahn und Dante Bonuccelli

In your life, what kind of connections you had to libraries at all?

When you hear: book, library and architecture –
what design features are coming to your mind?

Librarians say, we need a wow effect in our buildings.
How would you define the wow effect?

How can digital knowledge in a library expressed by design and architecture?

If libraries are for people, how do architects need to rethink
their perception of libraries?  

How important is design for a community place?
Does it really has any influences on building communities?

„Thank you for a great day at the summit. All the lectures and discussions added something to the discourse and gave a taste for more. I was very proud to be apart of the event and hope for further collaborations.

You managed to pull together an unusual combination of architects clients and users and I think we all learned from each other. It was also, on a human level, a lot of exciting people who were curious and open minded far beyond libraries.”

Lina Lahiri
Sauerbruch Hutton